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Last night Feff asked me if I had heard of Avril Lavigne, and what I thought of her. He didn't remember that he was in the room I first saw her, and went on at length on how amazing I thought she looks. After my drool made a large puddle, Feff explained that he figured I'd really have a thing for the way she looked. Not that I tolerate her music at all, though it is catchy shit. This article sums things up nicely.

In other eMpTyVee news, I find the confusion in the king of pop's head hilarious. Birthday wish and a pop star's kind wishes become a major award in his messed up head.

Flew over the GWB, through NYC, past the Bronx, to aaronkliger's pad. Spent the night hanging out with Pete, Marty C, Dan J, Feff, Towel Boy, Noel, Guy, and Manu. Was great seeing people, catching up on old times. Scott even called in at some point, talking with a few of us. It's great watching everyone's post-Drew life play out... so many teachers from our flock, and all these various paths. From MBA-aiming folks to the wanderers and soul-searchers. Got pretty smashed on rum and such, some of us hit a bar later on in the evening. Towel Boy described the bar the next morning as "a bunch of Hobbits, in a Hobbit bar" and explained his confusion over the origin of the Hobbits, being the one race where their root isn't mapped out. Hit him and Noel with paper airplanes from two stories up while copying stuff though from my old digital camera to Feff's 510 to Aaron's computer to my network space. Feff caught me mid-act, seeing the camera stuck into the side of his old trusty computer, claiming that I was raping his machine. Introduced Pete to the demeaning sick world of Bangbus. Had some great conversations with most of the people there, and got most of them to eat scary spicy pork rinds. It's a fried snack product, made from pork, try some.

Darted back through NYC to work, and had a decent day helping first year students with their problems. From renaming the local account to Compaq messing up to accounts being made wrong, a typical day. Wrapped up with some good Firehouse Pizza.

Still kinda red in the face about my kiosk breaking multiple times at handout. Teaches me to decide to redo something I had already done weeks before... the night before it will be used. Mozilla saved the day, something that's occuring more and more often for me.

Am I the only one who gets a mellow, sad, mood out of nowhere once in a while that causes you to listen to Pink Floyd and be bummed out for no tangible reason? I honestly have nothing to be sad about at this point that I can think of, things are going well. *shrug* I think it's inspired by some of the most powerful touching fiction I read in college, Bandit. Yes, I ROT-13'd that URL. Don't go there unless you're really open minded, and won't be disturbed by anything naughty. It's a story just as soul-tuggin' as The Guy I Almost Was, only with much more NSFW-ness.

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