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[LJ2ME] Urr

Stave gets Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen confused.

Tonight I've heard two Journey songs here but only one Bon Jovi song. Doug wins, fatality.

Stave also doesn't like Led Zep, and thinks CCR did Sweet Home Alabama. He's lucky he's so cool.

Barnes is almost here. LJ2E is a great client. I can keep on updating this entry as last call approaches. Crazy little thing called love.

Holy crap I can just keep on editting this entry. Captain's log 3:36. I have a strong margarita in hand, Barnes and Stave are outside smokin'. We just saw that someone forgot pasties, and did SoCo and lime with the bartender. Too bad this place doesn't have a bartender that looks like Odo like Louise and Jerry's. Woah, Where is my Mind. Awesome. I should spend more time in NYC.

Oh, hfs, Pete gets my love of Bourdain now! Hot damn! He understands.

The Tako Yaki girls should stay open aaaaall niiiiight loooong. Yesssss. Where is my mind? Draenor is for hosers, mofo. So how are you people?

I've realized something. I make tons of typoes while drunk on a regular keyboard, but not on a BlackBerry, as it requires more deliberate typing. LAST CALL, MOTHERFUCKERS they say. Sweet, some Brit punk. Too bad I can't easily lj-cut in LJ2ME.

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