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A three hour cruise

Originally uploaded by Kingfox.
(16:37:30) shmivejournal: ope
(16:37:34) shmivejournal: thurderstorms saturday
(16:37:40) shmivejournal: it's gonna be like the SS minnow for you
(11:26:26) kingfox: Heya pigfucker
(11:26:46) shmivejournal: :o
(11:27:02) shmivejournal: not only is it going to rain tommorow but ferries and cruises are sinking
(11:27:31) kingfox: Awesome
(13:36:59) shmivejournal: can we call the cruise the 'death ferry'?
(13:37:26) kingfox: Ok!
As I mentioned in yesterday's post, going on a boat around Manhattan with Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers putting on a show. Despite the weather forecast, shmivejournal has agreed to pick up the third ticket I was trying to find a home for in the aforementioned post. Dimenhydrinate FTW!

Last call for joining us for all you can eat sushi feasting as mentioned in that post. You know you want to help pack us to the gills with raw fish before we end up on a turbulent boat in a storm, sending the fish back into the water over the rail.

If the boat does go over, I guess now's your time to make peace with me.
Poll #701800 *glug glub* What was that you wanted me to hear? *blub glub*

OMFG kingfox, as I release you from this piece of floathing wreckage, know that __________!

This location field is awesome for stalkers.

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