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Handout is complete, lots of meaningful glances, but no group hugs. I didn't buy redvector any Taco Bell, so I ain't that suprised.

Not too many problems, no major disasters, it's finally done. I've got a bootable DVD-R 'Mister Wizard' image and a DVD-RW version in my boss's office, and a DVD-RW version being burned as I post. Yay! Helium! And.... the disk just finished. If only we had three done a couple of hours ago instead of only having one. And that one we had? I just used Rian's standard autoexec.bat for the bootable image. Normally, you put disk one in, and let it boot up. It starts imaging the machine, you put disc two in, and so on. For the frosh machine, this went up to disc four. But with a DVD-R/RW, the whole image takes up about half of the disc, so there is no disc two. So you put the disc in, boot it up, and it starts imaging. It finishs imaging, and reboots... and boots of the disc, re-imaging the whole drive again. Needless to say, I had to change that on my second version, and luckily the only bad version was on a DVD-RW which was promptly changed. While talking about the enhancement I made, I ended up explaining how to make batch files and common things to put in a batch file, which made me realize how people who I would consider computer savvy and are currently in college... haven't used DOS much if at all. runstaverun and I make disks, and we make batch files like it's not a complicated procedure.... because we're old.

Speaking of Helium, go check that out now. runstaverun, Gloria, and I kept on imitating it every so often, and had to show it to other members of acadtech.

Anyway, I'll probably post more about handout at some point this weekend, as I'll be working every day here at Drew. My sweetie's off in Chicago still, and is doing well. I'm off to aaronkliger's pad for the eve.

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