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I'm SIIIIIIIIIIINGING in the f'n rain! Just siiiiingin' in the raaaain!

What a glorious feeling I'm having today. I'm high up on a cloud, and LJ-cutting my post, just singing...

So I made my LJ post, read some email, and slept on my office floor for a bit. Woke up, stumbled out of my.. office floor.. and down the hallway at nine. Woah. Some minor flooding. Just a few hours after someone posted in their LJ about Drew, mentioning the BC basement flooding after Hurricane Floyd.

And prepare, huge mega picture downloads, over a meg in size total. I'll just link to them, but still.

1 Come to Drew, enjoy the zen waterfall!
2 Close up of waterfall.
3 Better angle, you can make out the water better.
4 I hope the Art Department didn't need that television.
5 Notice the sign on the door. Buddy system man, saftey first all the way! JSSSSSS splashes in the water.
6 Long view of the upper hallway.
7 Here's the fan leading to the gutter where all the water poured in from.
8 Deuel, caniswolfie, and Emily step about in the water.
9 Wet floor. Caution! A bit of an understatement.
10 The gutter which overflowed.
11 doughnutman and John Dean enjoy the serenity and peace of the waterfall.
12 A roaming pack of TRC'ers splash down the hallway.

So the official word from facilities is that this was an 'unnatural' flood. So either someone out to get them was seeding the clouds (mrfantasy suggested the Trilateral Commission), or runstaverun is right in saying that it can't really be an unnatural flood until it goes on for forty days and forty nights. Lovely.

So yeah, the day's going fine, thanks.

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