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Up waaaaay too early

Just dropped my sweetie off at the airport. Our usual sentimental goodbye, with me asking for one last hug and kiss over and over, just like always.

She's off to Chicago, getting back late late late Monday night, to see old friends. I've got mixed feelings about the whole thing. Her friends are out on Long Island or in Chicago, so I'm happy she's seeing friends that she's been talking about wanting to see again as long as we've been together. She's got her history of exploits and escapades out there, which makes me kind of nervous. But while things haven't been going perfectly (she's unsure right now if I should be putting up with her), I trust her, despite her past in general and her past in that city. She's not the person she was years ago, she didn't have the relationship and person back home that she has now (no my ego is in check thank you sit down shut up), and so on. While she still has troubles, and running to Chicago is running away from her problems to her, I don't think anything of that sort will happen. I hope not anyway, I'd be devastated if it did. I'm so happy that she gets to see friends she's missed so much. Sure, one's an asshole who's disrespected our relationship and her desires for a while, who she's even afraid of seeing. Sure, her best friend out there didn't come to my sweetie's birthday despite me offering to get her there and back with food and everything taken care of, who my sweetie has found unreliable at times. But these are some of her best friends, and she's been separated from them for years. This will be good for her, and I truly hope she has a great and fun time out there. I miss her already so very much. I hope she has a safe trip. I've already sent my lovey-dovey text messages to her, and even got one back! My heart rejoices.

But I won't have much time to think about that, as this is still the busy week at work. This morning the Aide Station Desk Staff gets tested on everything they learned this week, from Mozilla to the new Storage Area Network (SAN) to the handbook. Then the Theological students get their laptops, I help the newbies, and I try to get some sleep before tomorrow.. when I need to get here really early for handout. That day, as always, will be quite long and exhausting yet fun. It's an accomplishment to make it through. Successfully distributing laptops and printers to every new student, something we can look back on and say we did. Fixing a computer, upgrading a computer, these are little things that aren't so monumental. The end of handout day is always a great feeling, looking back on what acadtech had pulled off, looking into each other's eye, knowing the hard work behind everything. I love that feeling, and get to be even more involved this year.

My roomies will be away this weekend, but with my sweetie away and me coming to work every day this weekend to help out, I won't be able to take advantage of it or notice. I hope they have a great time camping.

Out, Satan, out! What a sad story.

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