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Assorted musings...

They're using Razzcherries on Iron Chef America right now. mrfantasy would not approve.

Studying for two tests on Thursday right now. American History of Economic Development and Algorithms, a winning duo indeed. I've got far too much reading to review for the former, and most of it makes me just want to play Civilization IV. When jenniever returned to drop off my car keys from her flight from the annual river of puke, I told her that reading about Italian merchants before the rise of mercantilism made me crave a sub stuffed full of a variety of Italian meats, and she joined me for some food from a local Italian place. I'm too susceptible while studying, it's a good thing I'm not studying a location whose cuisine is not bountiful in this region.

Don't you hate waking up and having to reconnect reality with the dream state? Two nights ago, I had a really intense series of dreams, most of which involved around petemagyar and I moving to a town down the shore. It was a reasonable commute for both of us somehow, but it was located on an island just off the coast near Sea Bright, the largest on a string of islands. Over the course of the dreams, I showed multiple people the place we were moving on Google Earth and Google Local at home and at work. The ferry hours, the storm contingency plans, all of these were carefully covered in extensive detail. We got a pretty decent place, with plenty of windows.

In the morning, I knew we obviously hadn't moved, and weren't moving. But the existence of these islands had to be disproved before the day could proceed.

It seems that a ton of my e-friends love The Boondocks, while all IRL friends shown Aaron McGruder's latest offering don't.

That Kobe carpaccio looks amazing. Mmmm. Time for bed.

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