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How to feel old...

Twenty years ago yesterday, one of the greatest musical works was released, Metallica's Master of Puppets. However you feel about their P2P stance, their latest crop of music, or the recent documentary - Master of Puppets was a fucking awesome album.

Also, twenty years ago yesterday The Legend of Zelda was released. Another major love of my earlier life.

In a few minutes, I'm training a helpdesk employee who was not alive when either of those things came out.

The crop of students who never knew me as a student was one scary step down the path of time, worse than watching the people I thought of as freshmen no matter what their current class year. The crop of students who never could have known me as a student (since I left a year early) was another similar moment.

There was a line in an earlier version of mrfantasy's Drew site about feeling less and less like a student every year, a line that I've referenced before. It's true, despite the fact that I am a student now and wasn't back in 2000. And that's not a bad thing, really. Life goes on, despite how much some people fight it and live in their Pan-like existences.

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