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Rachelle Waterman gets a mistrial

For those not following teh blog, smchyrocky's trial got a deadlocked jury.
A loyal Court TV Extra user in Washington, D.C. suggests there may be something to Waterman's love of the show "Family Guy." As you may recall, when McPherron asked her how she was holding up as they drove to the police station for her fateful final interview, she replied, "I'm doing okay. I watched about five discs of 'Family Guy'... It's my favorite TV show." Viewers of the FOX animated comedy know well that Stewie Griffin, the hyperarticulate, world-domination-attempting infant, is constantly scheming ways to kill his good-natured and oblivious mother, Lois. His methods include shooting arrows at her head and sending her a box of chocolate grenades. Significant? As FG's bosses are fond of saying, "We report, you decide."—Harriet Ryan
Crazy. Why isn't that insane nutjob Jack Thompson attacking Family Guy instead of video game inspired violence? Oh, wait, he's too busy writing Christ-filled letters to U2's Bono.

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