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Friggin' hell

Today was my big training day. Well, being on the giving end.

Did the Mozilla training, as mentioned before, which was fun. Had a cute little PowerPoint slide show all done up, with a variety of propaganda for the open sores community splattered all around. A pinch of cute lizard in ice cube here, a communist party line there. After JSSSSSS did his Macromedia pushin', and after my boss bought me lunch, did some Beacon training. That went well, despite the fact that the skill range of the audience varied from "Total newbie" to "I helped code the project", with most of them having much more experience than I did. Some of the older crew helped out the younguns with tips and suggestions, even helping me when I messed up in my training. They were a really good crew today, not the sleeping punks they were yesterday. :-)

Oh, I never did post about Drew's lawsuit, and how it ended up. Now, I think I've covered the whole story in prior entries quite well. So my boss's boss, who is now my boss's boss's boss, tried to talk some sense into the people here behind the lawsuit. They explained my willingness to sign something and set up a payment plan. The people insisted that they preferred the protection of the court. So the lawsuit went through, while I was still waiting to hear back from the county court about when it was going down. I've got the judgement, and I lost. The official decision is, I have to pay, and I must pay as the court deemed fit.

They're taking a percentage of what I earn over a fixed amount that I never reach from my weekend job where I work on average about ten hours a month. So Drew spent money on lawyers, time on suing my ass when I was willing to give them a part of my paycheck that they give me, just so they can get nothing from a small amount a month. They wanted to play hardball, hit a home run, and hit the umpire in the nads. It's fucking hilarious.

But Drew's managed to rape me again. I was supposed to get the recompensation for the trip to the land of corn and Compaq, but it still hasn't shown up, more than a week after it was dropped off. I definately wouldn't have slept in such a fancy place if I knew this would have occured. Hell, I would have hoofed it the half hour or so ride from the air port with my luggage instead of taking the taxi. So I'm just about flat broke, but will hopefully be getting recompensated and paid at right around the same time. Unless the wizards behind the lawsuit grabbed the check somehow... but that would take intelligent thought on their part, which is obviously impossible based on the results of the lawsuit.

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