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Lorax speaks for the trees

I've always been fascinated by the naming conventions for machines, be they workstations or servers. My fellow January 15ther alyska's recent post about her painful yiffy discovery got me all nostalgic for some computers of the past.

At Cheersoft, every machine was named after a character from Cheers. I was Woody, the president was Malone (as was his handle), Cliff was the database we stored our code on and compiled on (repository of information), Frasier was our test BBS (spin-off and giving programs ``therapy''), and so forth.

agent179 names all of his servers with female names, but never with a name of a person he's met.

My primary home computer, at all times, is Guardian, an Ultima reference. Anything I've got that other people are using, like thedenbbs server right now, is The Den, after my old dialup BBS. Other computers I use have Ultima names, like my current laptop Exodus, named after the machine-like demonspawn of Mondain and Minax that you used punch cards to defeat.

Here at drewuniversity, we've got different naming conventions for different types of servers. Talk show hosts for Windows boxes, video games for Linux boxes, and so forth.

Netsville used, at least at one point, greek letters.

One university I visited with an ex a while ago used characters from Greek comedies for Mac servers, and Greek tragedies for *nix servers.

An insurance company I worked at briefly in San Francisco named all of their computers after famous 49ers. I forget who I was...

What's the naming convention at your workplace, home, whatever?

Love is a new hard drive when your old one's falling apart completely. Last night jenniever picked me up a new one for my birthday, saving the day.

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