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I hate you, calculus

Turkey Vulture
Originally uploaded by Matt (mistergoleta).
Assuming that I pass after tomorrow's final and it fails to succeed in scattering my brain across a sun-baked rock to be picked apart by turkey vultures as it seems to be trying to do, I'm done with being graded on calculus barring some insane lifestyle changes. Then I'll be free to retire to the swampy muddy heavy metal island features in Black Label Society's "In This River" video, free to visit the decaying timeless youth as a childself and sit surrounded by tiki torches and skulls. Such a beautiful paradise awaits. In this metal tribute future, Mathematica is not a torture device, but an instrument of truth. Unfortunately, jenniever will be unable to visit me, due to the partially unnaturally submerged artifacts of the metal past and imagined childhoods that ring the island. That's all right, as she can listen to petemagyar explain from the shore how Pantera caused the death of good metal.

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