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Year recap, current events, and a look at the future.

My mother and Bearcat were burned out of their home some time ago. I've tried to call a couple of times, and will probably meet better success with email (which is funny, since I told cessna182 the same thing about his quest to try and reach me over the past couple of weeks). Warm thoughts and the like to them both in his cold time in Montana.

I know I'm supposed to be boycotting Kingdom of Loathing, and luckily their holiday festivities have failed to entice me the way that I know WoW's will. Crass consumerist gold-grubbing goblins!

I'd like to thank a few people for making a major change in my life. First off is cessna182 for laying the initial seeds. Even Toby saw the virtue in his actions, though he might have been going for the milk instead. petemagyar's embracing of the lifestyle helped, but not as much as periol's total devotion to it. While periol claimed that I was instrumental in changing his life into the current good times he presently lives, his worship at the temple was not lost on me. Ultimately, I would be amiss in not thanking graye with some credit. While he fictionally opposed the bliss, his pushing of the addiction while left at his whims was the final push I needed to make it a daily part of my life. madolan's chiding at not sticking to the program while I was visiting Victoria also did not fall upon deaf ears. Thank you, thank you all.

And now, that year in review stupid meme thing, just because i_hate_sterno:

The semester wraps up. Tomorrow morning I have to turn in a 5-10 page econometrics paper drawn from the project I gave a presentation on this past Monday, and then take a final for that class. The project? Trying to determine if higher paid student helpdesk employees do more while on desk, trying to see if people who do more are paid more (a different question in a way), and attempting to find statistics to prove senioritis and burnout. My findings? Students who are paid more get more done, but the highest contributing factor to getting paid more is to have been around drewuniversity longer. While senioritis is hinted at, it fails to be statistically significant, while burnout is correlated by the data quite strongly. Sure, my data isn't perfect, but explaining its shortcomings is a major part of the project and thus excellent filler for the paper. Then on Monday I've got a calculus final, a corrected paper (that I'm done with) and a second paper (that I'm almost done with) to turn in, and a 5-8 minute extra credit presentation to do. After that, I'm free until February!

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