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My ass

Last night my sweetie noticed some marks down my back from all the jumps and rafts and tubes on Sunday. Then she noticed a large circular black bruise on my rear. I told her I was getting hurt on my tush!

Speaking of getting nailed in the rear, I wish Drew departments would notify the fucking university before arbitrarily changing their policies, or at least leaving voicemail instead of waiting for campus mail to notify someone about said change when they're waiting for a couple hundred bucks that is now thrown into limbo due to said change of policy. Blah.

This is the most useful utility in the world for everyone. Except homosexual males and hetero males currently without a partner. I love it.

This just about sums me up. Reload often.

Finally got the DVD-RW installed on my work machine. Wow. Fucking wow. And it's black, fitting in to the EVO look perfectly! caniswolfie pointed out they even had extra black screws left around for it!

Oh yeah, and why did the people who went to the They Might be Giants concert in Central Park that I had to skip out of to go to Indianapolis NOT POST about how it was???

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