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Presenting this afternoon...

The UW Whitewater guys I mentioned are WoW addicts. All five people in their group play WoW from 11/11:30 to 1:00 for lunch, and are in a guild together. I was joking with windexcowboy about what kind of personal details they should introduce me with, and I mentioned WoW. Sure enough, they're being introduced as WoWers, and I will be to. The session chair assumed I played at work like they did, and was shocked to hear that I only checked PVP rank changes Tuesday after work with caniswolfie.

Saw the infamous koan last night, and toured the streets of Monterey with him and jenniever. Tales of CS, talk of how we're all getting old and domesticated, and stories shared.

Got a copy of Cannery Row for presenting.

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