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What the hell would you want to see?

Many of you are people local to the NYC metro region. Many of you are not. Of the latter, there's a decent subset that I've invited to the region at some point while imposing on you and seeing your area (probably during the Year of the Efriend). When I've gone to places, there was usually a clear agenda. I must see this spy themed bar, I must visit these gardens, I must try this local food, I must meet this person. But when it comes to my area, not to sound like an arrogant prick, it's hard to distill it to a simple list.

Just as I'm fascinated by how others perceive my accent, let alone the accent of Americans in general, I'm curious to learn about what people want to see.

So here's the question to the locals: If you had someone from decently far-off visiting you for a weekend or week, what would you show them? What are the staples of life around here that you really want the world to sample?

And for those distant, what do you think you want to see? I don't care how corny and touristy it sounds. Imagine that you've got a place to crash in Hoboken for a week. What's on your list, in as specific or as broad terms as you see fit?

Earlier this week I bought my first laptop since 1996. It's a five pound magnesium alloy beauty, which means mobile homework and WoW. Good times.
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