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Off to Indianapolis

I need to catch up on my friends page, I haven't since Monday really. Bleh. Not doing it today/tomorrow.

Went to Lewisburg with my sweetie yesterday, had a nice ride both ways. Though we saw a huge burning pile of flaming wreckage blocking 80 going the opposite direction, backing up traffic for miles. Smoke billowing all over the place, flames licking the black metal, ick. But it was good to go back to where our relationship really started.

And I can't remember what the hell else is going on or went on. Drew's lawsuit completed against me, I need to post the hilarious ending about that one. But for now, I need to jet... literally. Our issues with the freshman laptop configuration need to be resolved, and they're sending me to Indianapolis NOW to get on their case. I'll be back tomorrow night, but I need to exit stage right immediately from Jersey.

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