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Everyone else has already done it, and I've got four machines uploading at once...

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.

1.~How did you meet miscca? Through neenerface. She seemed cool, the two of us started talking on LJ, and met up in person a year or so ago. She asked if she could bear my child, I told her no, but... well... You understand, right?
2.~What would you do if you had never met noelr? What would I do if I had never met him? I don't know... play WoW, go to work, hang out with people? I'd probably listen to a little less Snog. But Rathe/Dread/whatever got me into that. I guess if I had never met noelr, I'd have Mr. Box.
3.~What do you honestly think of lizzyfur? I think she's a fun and bubbly young woman, yet capable and dynamic. She's going places.
4.~Would or did fmrflyboy and gotmahmojo go out? If gotmahmojo ever swung that way, possibly. I think it'd be a good match. They'd make a cute couple.
5.~Have you ever liked assfingers? Once you get past the stench of the hat, he's actually a really damn fine stand-up guy. He should move out to civilization.
6.~If thelusciousone died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need him/her to know? I meant everything I said, good and bad, while throwing apples at his crotch in my roomie's room while drunk.
7.~Would chris_palermo and ogun make a good couple? If chris_palermo swung that way and got divorced, sure. Why must I keep on setting up straight guys with gay guys? Anyway, they're two handsome virile young men.
8.~Describe mystedraveneyes in 3 words: Talented seamstress/gamer.
9.~Do you think daylami is hot? Yes. Don't you? Swanny wasn't crazy. Well, no, he was. But not about this.
10.~Would thelusciousone and utini2 make a lovely couple? Yes. They'd grow old together sitting in rocking chairs on a porch, yelling at local kids and making fun of their neighbors. It brings a tear to my eye.
11.~What do you think of when you see gotmahmojo? Oi!
12.~Tell me something humiliating about ogun: That requires that he be shamed, and he's not ashamed of much. Instead I'll repeat something he told me: a former CS admin used to play around in a sexual manner with one of their wizpets of the same gender as children. Neither one prefers the other's gender anymore.
13.~Do you know any of madolan's family members? Yup. adamgreeney.
14.~What's gotmahmojo's favorite color? I don't know. Green?
15.~On a scale of 1-10 how cute is 29usc151? 7 - he's got nice eyes.
16.~What would you do if maidoftheshore just professed their undying love for you? We've had this conversation. While I'm less of a supreme asshole, we both know that it wouldn't work.
17.~What language does fmrflyboy speak? English, and a bit of Japanese.
18.~Who is vitaman going out with? melim000.
19.~Is gotmahmojo a boy or a girl? He's more man than you'll ever be.
20.~Would _jabe_ and maidoftheshore make a good couple? Since I've already set up her husband with someone, hmmm. No. Neither one's expressed any sort of lesbian leanings, for the most part. Well, there was that one time... and that desperate act... But no.
21.~Who do you think agent179 would be great with from this list? Which list? My friends list? People I've met? I think things get harder for him, the more servers he gets. One day he'll kill me, jenniever will squeal with delight, and the two will ride off into the sunset together. Unless brendle steals her first.
22.~When was the last time you talked to daylami? windexcowboy's last party.
23.~What is assfingers's favorite band? Hmmm... Guns and Roses?
24.~Does chris_palermo have any siblings? Yup. His gameshow host brother and hiphopatcong.
25.~Would you ever date madolan? We're both happily attached, but barring that, yes. We'd have a tumultuous relationship, full of drama and misery. After alienating a good deal of our friends (online and off), we'd probably be found naked in a pool of blood, her cats feasting on our remains.
26.~Would you ever date mystedraveneyes? Date a student employee? That's rather inappropriate, don't you think? What kind of scumbag would do that??
27.~Is agent179 single? Unfortunately, yes. One day Sandra Klass will come to her senses.
28.~What is gotmahmojo's last name? fly. As in Dragonfly. Or O'Brien (sp?), like the chief of operations of Terok Nor.
29.~What is _jabe_'s middle name? Haven't the foggiest.
30~What is lizzyfur's fantasy? A gentle dork who dines with her, takes her home, and ties her up. Later, they cuddle.
31.~Where does gotmahmojo live? Taipei
32.~Would you make out with miscca? As retaliation, after we catch our partners making out, sure. That would show them! It's a madcap solution that's certain to work!
33.~Are noelr and madolan best friends? No. They've never conversed. While they share a couple of similar interests, I don't think the two would get along, to be honest.
34.~Does mystedraveneyes like gotmahmojo? They operate in completely different spheres of reality. While stranger things have happened, I don't see the two of them sharing a beer any time soon.
35.~How did you meet _jabe_? She and my former roomie hiphopatcong's brother chris_palermo met through a friend. A friend named Yahoo! Personals. Saw her a few times, then had the honor of being at their wedding.
36.~Is daylami older than you? Nope. She's two years younger.
37.~Is utini2 the sexiest person alive? No. That honor's reserved for his good friend and tennis rival. *growl*

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