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Gaming's bad for you?


My record's thirty-four hours (give or take an hour or so) on Dungeon Keeper (read more about that here), but I suspect it could have been worse had I gotten into MMOGs earlier in life.

Speaking of gaming, there's been a few posts/comments about Cybersphere recently. I logged on for the first time in a while, not counting brief visits from Casa del assfingers or uvic for funny IP addresses. It was really depressing. One page, out of the many I got, summed up some changes made nicely:
*** OOC page from CENSORED located at Coffin Room ***
[Players asleep are set OOC and stay that way, unmanned vehicles are untargetable, for awhile implants couldnt even be removed from corpses]
Ouch. While I can understand the rationale for those changes, ouch. This isn't intended to be a bash on those still around. They're doing all that they can, despite the weight of history and the burdens that come with being an administrator on the game. It's a mostly thankless job, and they're doing an excellent job doing all that can be done. It's just sad to visit the old neighborhood and see your favorite hangout serving different drinks, if that makes any sense.

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