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Hudson County, WTF?

I posted about my adventures last week as a petit juror. Basically, they never got/lost a form, and I had to reschedule twice so as to avoid Ozzfest today. At the time I asked if I got a new number, and was told that I would keep the same juror number. Whatever.

So I got a letter telling me to show up at the Jury Management Office at 8:30 AM, but with a sticker in the corner saying that I (in red and underlined) MUST call a number after 1700 the night before for reporting instructions. I call aforementioned number tonight, and get jack shit about my group/number. Do I show up, despite the red underlined CALL AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS sticker? Do I show up as the line instructed jurors and petit jurors from a certain group and in a certain number range at 9:30? Or do I follow the letter's 8:30 time? Or do I assume that I can apply my juror number to the message, and thus not show up? WTF? WTFF?

Bruce Dickinson was a pissy little Brit tonight, more angry and spiteful than I've ever seen him. Iron Maiden was awesome, despite his mood and it being a short set. For the first time in my life, I got to see Bruce doing my favorite song. Sabbath was good, but not nearly as powerful as Maiden. Shadows Fall was better than I expected, Mudvayne wasn't too bad, Rob Zombie started off sloppy but was kicking by the end, and that's all I'm going to say about it all right now. I have to call the courthouse in the morning to say WTF over and over.

EDIT: You know what? I'm going to assume that by keeping my juror number, I'm in group 14 instead of group 11, and thus don't have to show up tomorrow. I tried leaving voicemail for both numbers I could find, and got nothing. If I'm wrong, hell, let them try to puzzle through their inconsistency.

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