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Yeah, I'm alive

  • Finally saw Batman Begins with jenniever, windexcowboy, and redvector today. Loved it. Might have even usurped the first Batman. Sat on a firefly in my car, and took too long to figure out why my crotch then ass was glowing every so often. That wasn't the only oversight or sitting on shit stupidly. Yeah.
  • Ozzfest tomorrow with jenniever, metallian, and mrsmetallian. See the schedule here. Good times.
  • Maybe jury duty the day after that and the following day, or maybe not. Or maybe a trial for weeks. Bleh.

Kudos to the first person who can pick out who this is. Or just the episode. Though if you've got one, you've clearly got the other:

Another mistake made in Garden State for those who take that as the gospel truth of the Jersey experience: Knights who work at Medieval Times aren't allowed to take their armor off premises with them.

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