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My day so far, yay/boo style...

  • Boo for the Petit Juror jury duty phone line saying I had to show up early this morning at the Hudson County Courthouse in jersey_city.
  • Boo for not being able to do WC with graye and the rest of bluemurloccult, as a result.
  • Yay for at least having a laptop from work so I could sit in the room waiting with coffee and intarweb.
  • Boo for having to transfer lines on the way to redvector's stop.
  • Yay for passing his White Castle on the way to the courthouse, knowing I could hit that for lunch.
  • Boo for long lines at the security checkpoint.
  • Boo for long lines in the jury gathering room.
  • Boo for being told that they never got the form I mailed before leaving for Canada, and having to fill it out again.
  • Boo for being told that I have to fucking come back at a later date.
  • Boo for scheduling it as soon as possible and then overlapping with Ozzfest by mistake.
  • Boo for not realizing this until I was driving into work, after taking two PATH rides and walking all around the_boke again back to my apartment.
  • Boo for having to call them and explain that I need to reschedule again.
  • Yay for Rue de Jardin ice coffee.
  • Yay for not having to sit in a room all day.
  • Yay for not having to go in early tomorrow.
  • Boo for having to do this all over again.
  • Yay for maybe being able to do WC tonight.
  • Yay for Bruce Dickinson.

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