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I was afraid I would become one of these people...

WoWScrnShot_071305_021639 WoWScrnShot_071305_021649 WoWScrnShot_071305_015425

Last night I got to try my first instance. The first group I had was filled with asshattery and lolololols. One dipshit insisted that he be leader, then idled off constantly before and after getting a couple of other people. He rolled for items he couldn't use, refused to let me have gems for engineering (someone ELSE suggested I get them), and really never healed or fought. Insults flew, feelings were hurt, and shit got annoying. Finally I organized a mutiny against the fuckwit, and got things rolling again. I almost took brendle up on his offer of just twinking me through it. After a series of people going to bed, I organized a tight group that got more done in forty minutes than two hours with a larger unorganized crew. It was like clockwork, and I learned from watching older bluemurlocculters in action. The conversations with malahat, graye, and brendle were put to good use. I used my VW to draw heat from the tank when needed, covered the healer when he was being attacked, DoT'd every enemy before launching into wanding, and carefully avoided hitting sheep. People complimented my excellent drawing and covering, I gave everyone healthstones, gave the healer a rez stone, and shit was good. Near the end, two kids kept on asking if I worked for Adult Swim. They swore that I did, saying my humor was exactly like the blurbs between shows. That was the nicest thing anyone said all day.

Shit, I'm turning into one of those fucks who posts screenshots and recaps adventures, damn you graye!

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