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Make freshman config. Have people test it. Get thumbs up all around. Send it to IBM, go on vacation. Have IBM find errors, have errors reproduced on the image itself, have someone start it from scratch, and errors are found from Recovery Console CHKDSK from the moment Windows is thrown on, even on the blank empty only formatted partition. WTF? WTFF?? One or more errors on the volume makes kingfox a sad boy.

I know a bunch of you non-bluemurlocculters/grayeplumpsupers play worldofwarcraft, (including origamislayer, thebitingfaery, and amarafox). Any more of you freakish addicts out there? If so, what servers do you play on? If you don't play, why not?

So what happened over the two weeks while I was gone? This isn't one of those, ``I'm not going back and reading LJ, so if you died/had a kid/killed someone/got arrested you'll have to tell me *shudder* individually'' posts. I did and will go back and read all non-feed/community LJs, and have already commented on a few. I'm really asking, if you had to sum up the last two weeks of your life, how would you? How would you describe them to someone who has been absent?

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