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Greetings from Chelan

Here is where we're sleeping. Here is where we'll be tomorrow. Instead of visiting Microsoft, we're going to see my mom and Bearcat somewhere around here tomorrow. Then we're off, maybe sleeping at that gorgeous blue lake's shore, and catching the ferry to grayeland.

Quick observations before bed, as we have to wake up at the asscrack of dawn:
  1. The difference between this area of WA and the rest of WA is much like the BVI compared to St. Maarten.
  2. This area's obsessed with coffee. Even a Radio Shack in a self-dubbed ``pass-thru'' town next to the casino in the middle of nowhere has a giant coffee shop in the middle of it. You may go for miles without seeing gas or other trappings of civilization, but you can get espresso every half a mile or so, even if it's from a tiny shack.
  3. If you're Dan Savage, you get a beautiful boyfriend.
  4. Seattle made me want to go re-read some Shadowrun modules/expansions/whatever.
  5. While it's cute and I missed it, I don't think I could live with West coast liberalism for too long.
  6. Vermont ain't got shit on the Cascades or Seattle area.
  7. I felt nervous about rushing through Seattle, maybe skipping Vancouver, and throwing most of our time at Victoria (no offense to the locals we can't wait to meet), but everyone here tells us that we did the right thing.
  8. Wow. And more wow.

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