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Happy birthday, Jenni!

First of all, happy birthday to my darling jenniever! I know I'm often mushy to the point of painfulness, but I love her dearly and wish her the most wonderful of birthdays.

I haven't been updating much. Of course, this has been a problem for a year and a half at this point. But if you really want to know what's going on in my life, you have a few options.
  • Join the jennifriendfoodfriday crew for weekly meals and wealthy industrialist hi-jinx. Of course, this is an invite-only group, so that might be hard.
  • Visit me at drewuniversity and/or take me out to lunch, as hiphopatcong did today. This is challenging if you live far away.
  • Randomly show up in the_boke one night, give me a call, and meet me somewhere. Once more, rough for those many miles distant.
  • Read It's The Crew, err I mean itsthecrew, I mean It's The Crew. Pretend that I'm actually doing those things in real life. Seek help.
  • Subscribe to kingfox_flickr, and make up your own stories in your head for what's actually going on in those shots. Mind you, it only shows ten photos at a time, so there's probably a whole ton more when you see ten.
  • Combine the two, by using something like that crazy Mac cartoon caption maker. Whether or not it's hip-hop themed is for you to decide.
  • Badger me into writing up massive multi-weekend updates like I used to do. Because, really, I should post about graduation, reunion weekend, Memorial Day, and the weekend of Roger Clyne. For Bob's sake, you got him to drink from your Iron Maiden flask two nights in a row, and shook hands with him after the show. Isn't that worth writing about?
  • Unfriend me, make some comment about how I never really posted about my life when I inevitably confront you about it, and spur me into blathering mindlessly in a futile attempt to win you back.
  • Vanish off the face of the earth, like aaronkliger. Get regular voicemail updates as to my life and thoughts, despite never calling me back or indicating that you're even alive beyond knowing that your cell phone bill is paid or overlooked due to a clerical error.
  • Stalk me.

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