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So long, and thanks for all the sushi...

Between the selling of permanent accounts cheapening everything and the updated draconian TOS, I've had it with LJ. Just as people predicted on /. when it first happened, Six Apart has ruined things.

I was thinking of using a /. journal, MSN space, MySpace blog, Blogspot, or my own MT. But thanks to windexcowboy, I'm on Yahoo 360, so I'll just use that. If you want to keep on reading my journal, just add kingfox360 to your friends page.

And finally, I don't think I'm leaving LJ anytime soon. C'mon, why the hell would I do that? In all seriousness, I would like your attention for a moment. Sorry to resort to the immature tactic. Maybe if I had done this more Pacific Coasters would have talked to me about my trip. But this is something bigger than a trek all over the other coast. Much bigger.

In August of 1996, I began a journey, a quest for a degree. Despite many setbacks, both from my own failings and from external sources, this journey's end is in sight. After having my funding cut, dropping out, getting hired to take classes, being told I couldn't take classes, and starting up the degree program again - I'm on the home stretch. In two years, assuming everything goes as planned, I'll be graduating. Only ten and a half years after my first day of class.

So, for something ten and a half years in the making, I think a giant party is in order. Beyond naked sushi, beyond anything I've done before. A giant party. I would like to throw some serious money into this, renting out a place, and inviting everyone I've ever had contact with during my college career. Maybe renting the Frying Pan in NYC, though I might have to charge at the door or sell a car to do that. I don't know.

So far I've talked with a few people about this. Maybe two naked women covered in sushi instead of one? _yggdrasil suggested that every woman dress up like a Catholic schoolgirl for some reason. Maybe hold it at a giant hall out in the woods? I'm open for ideas. I only know two things:
  1. I want to sit in a throne of some sort during the event.
  2. I want sushi present.
Other than that, suggest away!

Speaking of things coming to an end, Pirate Bay shut down! Or is it?

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