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Yappa paa, yappa paa, iishanten!

caniswolfie showed me the cool flying snakes of Southeast Asia. Josh at EB showed me the latest update on the beer drinking Texan goat mayor.

I love when people make up cool stuff about CS.

This is the greatest tribute to 9/11 I've heard proposed yet. Besides just leaving the towers of light up. My boss found that one, though the tree-hugger who refuses to get a LJ doesn't approve.
Here you can watch the corporations fight the government for control of the corpocracy. And in other news, Gary Busey's still nuts.

I still have not finished the Pub page. Four years later, still not done. But I leave everything unfinished.

I'm sure most of you have seen this already, as Brunching rules.
Yappa paa, yappa paa, iishanten
Hashagu koi wa, ike no koi

Listening to cheery Korean pop and simplistic anime songs in Japanese keeps me sane. And now I'll go sit in the trees and clear my head. Have a good evening, invisible mechanical elves from the alien dimension.

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