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Star Trek, Star Wars, Drew's graduation, my dramatic commute, and my five year mark

There's a couple of entertaining things about The Cloud Minders. First of all, you've got the one moment where Kirk speaks without moving his mouth during the opening credits. Then you've got the fact that it's clearly a pro-Spock anti-Kirk episode, common for the 3rd season. I mean, look at The Way to Eden, where Kirk's the square and Spock's hip to the hippies. Even in The Savage Curtain, Sarak and Spock promote peace, while Kirk's a little warmonger. Luckily, Merak II would recover from the plague to produce a wonderful took for everyone's favorite tailor a century later. Plasus looks like the bastard child of towelboy and Peter Falk, and is played by an anti-McCarthy Navy vet who coached Spock, the best Joker, and Mork.

I know everyone and their grandmother has posted most of these, but here are some good Star Wars links for y'all, as that was the trend a couple of days ago, and I'm still catching up. First we've got _guy_incognito's initial outburst, followed by his full love and hate list. We've got assfingers showing his love. Then we've got andamaroo attacking the special effects, _sterno_ claiming that I'm wrong, and control_group's excellent commentary and conversation.

Beyond reading the ramblings of a few random guys in the midwest, there's the links that everyone has already posted. There's the crappy costume parade, the NJ cinema that accidentally got the Japanese version, the 1337 version of the trailer, tmcm's burn, this great random recap, a safe non-spoiler comic, a safe spoiler comic, and both old and new NSFW comics. Finally, in the tradition of The Meatrix, Store Wars from our friends the tree huggers.

Last Saturday was drewuniversity's graduation. Drove windexcowboy and jenniever there after the former crashed in the_boke from jennifriendfood the night before. Ran into mineral2, xypher, _yggdrasil, kmin, physicsninja, and all those lj users equals who graduated that day. After the bittersweet emotional clusterfuck that was the 2000 graduation, by the 2003 graduation I was feeling less depressed and bitter. This graduation, I felt nothing but joy for the kids I knew going off into the real world. The shock of people graduating who never knew me as a student went from painful to novelty to something no longer even considered. And, hell, taking classes again I guess people are graduating who know me as a student all over again.

Yesterday, driving home, it was the most dramatic lighting ever. Dark clouds were rolling in from the east over NYC, while the sun was brightly setting behind me. Taking an alternate route home via 280, I drove through the sprawl of Essex County during this phenomenon. Every decaying warehouse, affordable high rise, shimmering corporate tower, cluster of industry, and bridge was brightly lit against the ominous sky. Even the Meadowlands in Kearny seemed to shimmer under the churning evil. I should time my commute to the setting sun more often.

Last January marked five years of me working at drewuniversity as a staff member. Today was my service anniversary luncheon, where I got a handshake and an umbrella. Where the fuck did those years go?

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