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eBayers gone bad...

In a few minutes, it'll be twenty-four hours since caniswolfie's last seen Episode III! He's only seen it three times so far!! I think he's going to go into shock without more Star Wars soon!!! A bunch of us might go see it again after jennifriendfoodfridaying.

This is scary, possibly even scarier than the last placed I lived before moving in with petemagyar in the_boke. People in the SA forums pray that it was just a prank. Yeah, I know it's a couple of years old, and thus a geological epoch has passed in internet time since its original posting.

hiphopatcong took a video and photos of the old place back in February 2003. Here is a movie of the place, and here are photos of the place. Much like in the first case, it's just an eBay addict gone mad.


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