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Drew's family tree grows upon itself and tires

I have new tires! I have new tires! I have new tires! And I'm excited!

Drew's such an inbred little mountain village it scares me. Most of my co-workers attended Drew, and all of those that attended Drew and are married are married to Drewids. Us single Drewids are dating Drew people. Hell, even those who didn't attend Drew end up dating students/alumni often. We're a scary scary inbred place, more inbred than Winfield Park. An ex of mine, chiquib, used to work at the Alumni House organizing files on people. They had a procedure for when a Drewid married a Drewid, which would occur on a regular basis... and they even had a special mailing for that case, on Valentine's Day. "You met your sweetie at Drew, would you like to help others do the same?" type affair. Of course, they also had a procedure for divorce, but still....

While discussing this topic with co-workers, mrfantasy and Paul realized something. All of their friends who graduated from Drew and married fellow Drew alumni/ae, except for one transfer student, have stayed married. Those who married outsiders, have often divorced. We only know how to function WITH EACH OTHER! Even my co-worker (I'd do the LJ user cut, but he's resisted getting one for now, foolish mortal) who dates men one generation older still dates older men who graduated from Drew. We're sick, sick, sick, inbred people!

Two of the three longest relationships in my life are with Drewids. And the third was friendship only most of the time. Of course, having had to drop out, I only date Drewids so I can have our wedding at Mead Hall. Really.

Even the free-thinking philosophers who ran after graduation end up back here spending time with the smallest excuse. Even the highly political people who swore they hated Drew call and ask for details, going on about how they miss it. I got out, came back, and have sold them my soul. mrfantasy and caniswolfie both also got out, and returned. windexcowboy swore he was gone after graduation, never working here, and the shitty economy brought him to acadtech. There is no escape, there is no Zuul, only drewuniversity!

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