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Today was the last day of classes, so we had our usual crowd of drunks between the library and BC. While darting past them, as it actually was my last day of classes for the first time in half decade, I went under the limbo bar awkwardly. utini2 and caniswolfie declined, darting around it instead. The last session of my computer science senior seminar provided me with Cluck U.chicken and wings, but not enough Clucker Bees. Between that, lunch, and bagels from blackbytes, I'm feeling rather fat today. Good thing I broke out the Hawaiian shirt, flip-flops, and shorts.

Wednesday is the farewell lunch for our student employees, a week after that is the Senior Banquet, and then graduation that weekend. Wow.

As I'm just about done with things, I think I'm going to go home and play some Evil Genius or Sims 2: University. Maybe the latter would be a bit too appropriate, as the Sim I've been playing lately just finished up his next to last year. Granted, my last year of classes will take two years, while his will take six days in Sim time, plus the three days they all get after graduation to throw parties and prepare for the real world. Then again, they also don't get a single minute of break between semesters.

EDIT: Three more good things! Someone bought one of the Dark Jill-O-Lanterns I was saving for 57 million meat, I saw a shooting star on the way home, and I got another glowing email from my econ prof!

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