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My wobbly chariot

So, after spending a night of wishing kikibird or runstaverun had a cell phone while chatting with Sushi Lounge about reservations for our evening out, and lecturing them about the importance of cell phones, I leave mine back home. If I had missed incetardis's MFA exhibition, I wouldn't have had a way to contact someone to find where he lived beyond pay phones. But that wasn't the case. After spending a week talking about my car's limited lifespan while dealing with a series of stalls and spending so much on it, I broke down last night.

Luckily, it wasn't a break down where I'd be pissed after spending so much money and not having my mechanic catch it.
Quark: I thought you said you never sold sub-standard merchandise. This was supposed to explode on impact, wasn't it?
Hanok: Maybe I should offer them a refund.
Instead, it was just a simple flat. Never got a jack or the required tools to change a tire when I bought the car, never got a spare, so I was embarrassingly dead in the water. Luckily it wasn't a blow-out like I had with an ex's car a few years ago that completely shredded the tire. I felt it was off and wobbly, and stopped the car before I started seriously bending my rims like I had to a couple of years ago in Rockaway. But I was still on the New Jersey Turnpike, where I had to get service from the designated service center for that stretch of road. Horrible flashbacks to being stranded in the middle lane of the GSP just north of Kenilworth and having to deal with a ripoff place with inflexible hours and crazy prices for a simple repair strawberrygal's fiancé could have done in minutes. In another stroke of luck, it was a reasonable repair facility. After walking to the nearby exit, I requested help, and explained that I understood that I wasn't supposed to leave the car.

Why does Quark ask for gold when in Roswell in 1947, then in a later episode explain that gold is a worthless metal used to hold latinum? Then again, why does Nog get so excited when Rom has a uniform made for him, and Quark explains that he'll get assigned one anyway. Weren't uniforms at the touch of a button part of the whole benefit to replicators? Why does Garak even exist at all? Couldn't you just program new designs into the replicator for the creation side of things, and re-replicate garments instead of mending them?

Anyway, they fixed the flat as well as Kevin's did back in Hoboken a year ago. Threw air in, got me to their place, and patched me up instead of forcing me to leave the car there for the weekend in order to charge me additional fees. But between getting to the exit, getting a hold of help, waiting for the repair facility to get to my car, and getting patched... it was already almost eleven and I was far from Philly. So, like a jackass, I bailed on incetardis, and my promise to give windexcowboy a ride back.

I also never took my KoL turns, am hours behind on DS9, and have multiple things to write today. Like my SIGUCCS abstract and economics paper.

Happy Mother's Day, mothers out there.

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