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I love George Takei's laugh

Had a good time at the LAN party with caniswolfie this past weekend. Damn kids played too much CS (no not the CS I like), not enough UT, TA, or WC3. Though.... we should have been more social. Got a couple games of UT with people, had fun playing Q3, even if I got totally schooled. caniswolfie and I both lost in the first round of the Q3 tournament, so I thought we sucked. Until the guy that caniswolfie got a few kills against before losing to ended up winning it all.

Didn't play any WC3, every game I joined didn't get enough people and was cancelled. Any game of TA I tried to jump in on had the same problem, and any one I tried to serve didn't get grabbed. But the two of us were antisocial, not roaming around the room trying to get people to play. Next time we old punks need to speak up more. At least we weren't the only people over 21 there, but we were definitely older than the norm. Great time, all in all. Got into some fun CS games Saturday night, and caniswolfie kicked some ass in Q3 that night. Still exhausted and catching up on sleep though. The final CS match was absolutely friggin' amazing. They had HLTV set up for the last few matches, and I was mesmerized. Groups of gamers working together as a single unit. People lining up, jumping on each other for support, and covering each other in unison. It was an awesome sight to behold. These guys were GOOD!

There was tons of great stuff at the site being shared, including tons of movies, music, and pictures. Though Saturday night I had an odd dream about the guy organizing the event aborting a few downloads on my computer, telling the person he was with to make sure I was told. I woke up, and realized it wasn't a dream, as a few movies I was leeching weren't there.

caniswolfie, oidhche, and I went to the Sagebrush Cantina yesterday for lunch. Great food, wonderful place, and I kept on saying that I should invite my sweetie there. caniswolfie took an odd route from Drew to get there, and I kept on saying that my sweetie would find a better way. caniswolfie had been telling me about the place for weeks, and I wanted to invite my sweetie there to try the guacamole after going there once to make sure it was worth her time.

Yeah, she did know a better way. She had been there, twice. Once with me, in fact, that I had totally forgotten. Whoops. It's the place across the street from a Y where some friends of hers drink on Thursdays, where she took me to one night after karaoke. The second time she was there, a fire broke out, and they redecorated since then. That's my excuse for not remembering it, but I still should have. I'm a fool.

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