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A Chewy Encounter

As you wander the seedy backstreets and grainy back alleys of BorderTown, you're accosted by a little kid selling chewing gum.

"¿Quieres chicle?" He asks.

"No thanks."

"¿Quieres chicle?" He asks again.

"I really don't want any chicle, kid."

"¿Quieres chicle?"

You walk away but the kid follows you everywhere you go. "Look, shouldn't you be leading around some blind CIA agent?" you ask him.

"Yeah, but I got bored. I mean, ¿Quieres chicle?"

"A-ha! You do speak English!"

"Nope, just 'Yeah, but I got bored.' And this speech explaining that."


"¿Quieres chicle?"

Finally you buy some of the kid's chewing gum just to get him to leave you alone.

You acquire an item: lime-and-chile-flavored chewing gum
You lose 30 Meat.

It's been sad how long I've been waiting for this day. On my Circus Mexicus trip, I kept on seeing aspects of KoL around me in Arizona and Mexico, as I posted. Back then I noted how much the game needed a desert area. After all, we had all the other pencil and paper RPG map stereotypes. The plains, the desert, the mountains, and the town. How could a game made by a guy from Arizona not have a desert? Soon after that we got the obvious placeholder, then the liquor, and now finally one of the new game areas last night.

This area makes me want to go to Mexico again.

Instead, I'm going to the Sushi Lounge with shmivejournal, windexcowboy, and jenniever. I guess seeing the Peacemakers in July will have to do.

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