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Hey dorks

Specifically redvector and his LIVE-less friends.

There's kickass new maps for Halo 2. After the semester's crushing weight is over, you should come over and try them out sometime. Maybe another round of beer, pizza, and Halo 2.

Presentation to give on Monday, followed by a midterm (well, big test covering the second half of the class). Another presentation to give on Wednesday, then two papers due, and a final if I don't do well on the test tomorrow. After that, freedom till the fall.

Attended some admissions event yesterday, promoting the party line. It was an odd panel. Director of ResLife, director of Health Services, director or Student Activities, the Master of the Gates, and yours truly. Some good questions, everyone seemed to understand how great an option the Drew issued laptop is, and I met some random parents. Like the Cisco reseller who wanted to sell us Perfigo's competitor, or the woman who used to babysit for cessna182 and I when we were wee children. Small state.

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