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The translation meme...

Many of you have done this already, or at least seen it. These are lyrics from a song in English, translated into German, then into French, then back into English. You name the song and the artist.

I think it was cessna182 who told a joke about ``The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak'' being translated into Russian and back, and it referring to vodka being of good quality and steak being sub-par. I could be wrong. Doing the same thing with Babelfish, I get the much less amusing ``Spirit is willingly ready, but flesh is weak.''

Anyway, here are the lyrics:

1991, on did the race seven years we always write this one as of Ernest and of Julio, before all does not separate time years more late and they are not stupid ends motherfuckers wants with the metal mass for us and diss, however hochhaelt him of cars of parade, as if we gave this one, because we have writing developed our borders carries it to us which are nobody in front of front five individuals tested briefly known as that Scheisse gives which, us what we want, we do not interest us, where we installed to you new versions of setting, that opened to him? They kidding me, do not leave a our dicks are now us Carbuncles and take to us of Scheisse and interest us us in letters of successes clay which you are hear, which want us and I steal your cakes of slapping, as I stole your Psych! strike the impacts the impacts which strongly strike you the only thing the odor of my feet, therefore you hear the end, or you could go from maintenance dissed to flow Eidechse or take Piss... _ if if you install the impact me be on your case, I be in your face impact you and your back of father in the place stage you include not far of Sauger know me be the man we have receive def some rate true and some new congestion fresh, if ya think that we have many Ego we, be ham Scott ball of stick of play right and in Frankies never eiszulaufen that it drink always the drink, the drink I me be decide in time of - gleiche, my money in the bank it its jump have cut, it offer not with some relation have drink we make drug importance... Not, not, not, not and the impact I, do not install am on your case, am me in your face an impact you and your back of father in the place stage of Sauger understand far you me am to know the man for heavy metal strikes a volume in another manner, but we can be different and not plate well them that to crush and the metal box of wells nver all the our... dicks Fart can those waxes those waxes which it chooses to me my nose farted, but I do not say to of Duce a "odor" as the DEVELOPING COUNTRY "my analer vapor" am delayed and with their fucking with face you stupid Idiot... tells me east suck a mixture Your back of father in the place stage you do not include/understand far from Sauger know me are the man this to crush it rolls up so there downwards, is normal, me to see forgot, my hat which you know that the Carbuncle No is one, but we would not precisely like ourselves us... The party to have to interest! If if if you polish Bueffelleder Bueffelleder which he is us the kings has polished and all polish us are like a diamond, be those for always and remain to us indeed hardest!

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