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Random drips and drops...

I've been taking classes at drewuniversity on and off since the fall of 1996. Yesterday was the first outside class I've ever had. For years I watched friends enjoy the sunshine and fresh air as I trudged past them to class indoors. Girlfriends would chat over dinner about the lovely discussions outdoors. I would visit UCSC and drool over the outdoor Greek amphitheater style seating. It was nice to finally be able to do that. Now all I need to do is take a class in Mead Hall, and I'll have had the whole Drew experience.

Some things seem to be constants at drewuniversity: drama with the Acorn and drama with the SGA. Sometimes, drama with the two overlaps. Now, instead of it being in du.org.acorn, it's in LJ land. Today we've got press on campus to chat with students about a fake racist letter written to the annual April Fool's fake newspaper called the ``Acron''. Once more, for the 4th time or so since I got here as a student, people tried to suppress the Acorn by gathering up every copy they could find and hiding it. The same old stupid dance, another few years later, spin your partner round and round.

I can't stop watching this. Damn you, shmivejournal!

Last night jenniever and I saw Sin City at last. Before hitting our local moviehouse, we stopped at Iron Chef Puck's local eatery. While munching on our excellent meal, jenniever noticed the lack of comment cards. As I've posted in the past, the place has had a nasty airline food odor. After watching Puck whup Morimoto, jenniever and I braved the odor to try the cuisine. We raved about the service and cuisine on the comment card, but complained about the smell. Thinking nothing more of it, we just planned on getting it delivered in the future. But last night, after noticing that the comment cards had gone, jenniever pointed out that they took the smell with them. Nice!

After raving about the movie to each other, I found out that jenniever's never read a comic or graphic novel in her life. It's a good thing that madolan didn't find this out while we were on wideathtrip. Otherwise, jenniever would probably be locked in a small box somewhere in madisonwi, surrounded by bread, water, and comics. I've already got a few titles lined up for her to read. Some of you funny book readers should suggest some more.

Hah. dickardo just logged into one of the desktops in my office to blast the aforementioned video at me. Bastard. America: We Stand As One!

Why the fuck would a laptop bluescreen and refuse to load user profiles correctly when you turn on ClearType for when no user's logged in, when every other fucking desktop and laptop that I've touched fails to explode when asked to do this? WTF?

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