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LJ killer time, and economics

xxhardcoremoxx wins the clueless guy of the day award.
(16:20:03) Decorus87: woah
(16:20:15) Decorus87: you were friends with that kid...that shot people
Because I friended weise, they assumed that we were connected. Sure. I friended jwz, but I'm still nothing more than a jwz fanboy. That's like saying that I'm friends with dildobucket_1a. How can someone use LJ, yet fail to understand the difference between Friend and Friend of?

Yesterday, while giving out over a dozen loaners, I impulse bought an Iron Maiden hip flask. The day before, while fixing up a computer, I impluse bought a couple LJ Drama pins. I need to stop this. Next thing you know, I'll be buying a permanent account on LJ or black vodka again. It could be worse, I guess. We all make mistakes.

Tonight's the smchyrocky episode of A Current Affair. My TiVo is primed and ready. Monday's episode was about The Crew. I'd make a link to itsthecrew and draw some comparisons between the guy buried in the desert and thelusciousone, but the ITC website's down as usual.

It feels so good to be taking an economics class again. I had completely forgotten how much I love the mindset. When I entered drewuniversity in 1996 (holy shit), I intended to be a computer science major with a business management minor. After taking a couple of economics classes, I wanted to double minor in business management and economics. After a couple more, I wanted to double major in computer science and economics. I wasn't raised to be a sports fan. While I didn't seek opportunities to do as such, I never really played catch or any sports as a kid. So I didn't get to know sports that well until my adult life. During middle school I picked my teams (Yankees and Giants as my godfather and dad wanted, Jazz, and Devils), but didn't really get into memorizing facts. I can't look at a random person on the television and recite their history with my favorite team, as petemagyar can. Really, I'll just watch the finals, and root for my team. Living with petemagyar and reading thompson_hunter up until his death has gotten me into it a bit more, but I'm nowhere near your average male. Though not as bad as my current computer science professor, who asked what the NCAA was. He had never heard about Sweet Sixteen or Final Four, and thought March Madness had to do with sweeps week.

Instead, I was raised to love supply and demand. Greed and fear. My father didn't have Sports Illustrated lying around for me to read as a kid, it was The Economist. We didn't play fantasy football or baseball leagues as a bonding activity. Instead I had a fake hundred grand, a set commission fee, could only trade in whole lots, and a few months to see what I could earn. While aggressive, and not really capitalizing on the interest rate at the time of the games for my liquid assets, I usually did quite well. That was my upbringing. Instead of ERAs and FG%s, I focused on P/E ratios.

So when I started taking economics classes, I just fell in love. Everything made sense. History, political science, sociology, and even classics made much more sense when looked at through the eyes of an economist. Nothing helped shape my worldview as much as those introductory classes except for Ultima's moral code. Fuck all of the political treatises I had read before, fuck all of the manifestos and lofty works breaking down these hairless talking monkeys - the why and how of their doings. Supply and demand, curves of indifference, game theory, elasticity of demand, unf unf unf! When my father was a day trader, I loved going in with him, watching supply and demand become greed and fear. A group of young guys sitting in a room, cursing at computer screens like they were watching friends in hardcore pornography on webcams, sitting under televisions blaring market news. It was Nirvana. The dot coms rising and crashing like experimental aircraft, these guys operating like Shadowrunners, trying to cut slices of money off of the large lumbering megacorporate giants. The first time I went in with him, I cursed the closing bell, and prayed for the next day to come faster.

Maybe I'm a heartless greedy tool, but man, I love economics.
(16:51:34) Pwn3dy0: Hello there! How are you?
(16:51:47) Pwn3dy0: i heard ur friends with the kid who pulled out da gun at schoo
(16:51:50) Pwn3dy0: sh0t up a few foo
(16:51:52) Pwn3dy0: is dat tru
EDIT: It's so odd, watching LJ screenshots on national television.

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