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I know there's less than two hours left in the day...

But if you're into soredandsaucery, and you haven't been on today, you should really drink some green beer and get the trinkets from wandering about incredibly drunk. My favorite adventures from the event:

Dangerously Inappropriate
You forget where you were meaning to go, and instead stagger into a phone booth in Seaside Town.
You call one of your old girlfriends and ask her how she's doing, and if she maybe wants to meet you for a drink or something, y'know, to reminisce about old times and stuff.
She says that she's doing just fine, and so is her new husband, who is a policeman, and who is on his way to tell you how he's doing in person, having traced your call.
You beat feet in a hurry. Your feet hurt from the beating.

It's Japanese for "Can't Sing"
You stumble into the Typical Tavern and start singing karaoke.
Trouble is, they don't have karaoke at the Typical Tavern.
You get smacked in the face with several tomatoes. You manage to catch one, though.

Quite a Joke
So an Adventurer walks into a bar, and the bartender says "Get out of here. You've had enough."
Angered, the Adventurer says "I'll decide when I've had enough!"
And then the bouncer punches the Adventurer in the face and throws him out of the bar.

Watch Where You're Going, Jerk!
As you're staggering down the street on the Wrong Side of the Tracks, a big tall guy bumps into you, and doesn't even apologize.
"Hey," you say, "What gives? You think that just because you're so big and tall that you can bump into people and not even say you're sorry? Well, my fist begs to differ!"
Somebody walks by and asks why you're punching a telephone pole, but you're too busy defending your honor to acknowledge them.

What Would You Do for Some Worthless Crap
You vaguely remember encountering a roving gang of Orcish Frat Boys and engaging in a trade of some sort.
You're not sure what you gave them, but you evidently got the better end of the deal, 'cause you find that you've acquired some swell beads!

To The Rescue
You encounter a group of Sorority Orcs, stumbling down the streets of Seaside Town.
"Help us, Adventurer," one of them giggles. "We've got this twelve-pack, and no way to open the bottles!"
You produce your trusty cheap plastic bottle opener and save the day.
"How'd you like to party with us tonight?" says one of the Orc girls.
You agree, and this agreement is the last thing you can remember about the night.

Today everyone's Irish, and my downstairs neighbors are British. Should I bomb them today? Instead I think I'll just have locally baked soda bread and locally made Irish cream ice cream.

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