December 7th, 2007

Brotherhood of Steel

A quick poll

Poll #1102395 Clarification on a couple of issues

How do you pronounce experiment?

Other (will describe in comments)

Are black denim pants still considered "jeans" to you?

Yes, still jeans.
No, they've got to be blue or bluish.
Other (will describe in comments)

Can I go destro?

Yes, you'll get enough +hit from gems and can start picking up +crit.
No, they need the SE/Malediction raid utility from you staying affliction.
Other (will describe in comments)

Can you name someone who hates on Philly more than me?

Yes, I insult it more than you do.
No, when you say the best part about Philly is that it has a real city right up the road, it quiets the competition.
Other (will describe in comments)

And to celebrate my last day of French class (and classes in general at Drew):
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WoW Drama

The Bickering Dynamic Duo

Here's how our guildies (class representatives and raid leaders we've chosen to help us, to be specific) refer to graye and I:
They go by many names, and these are not them:

R&R (Regulus and Rusak)
N² (Nubulus and Nubsak)
The Bickering Dynamic Duo

Great...just you have named Them, and They shall come and sow their mutual strife across the land. I'll get the pitchforks and torches.

Today was my left half of my mouth's turn to get worked over, last week was my right half. The fact that I lost less blood this cleaning based on the gloves/tools/bib/etc, I wonder if that means that my dental hygienist didn't do as good of a job as last week's. Or did she just use more of the water sonic thingerfucker so I drank more of the blood/it got sucked out? She also didn't pull out as many chunks of buildup, so hopefully I didn't either end up swallowing a bunch or ended up with a less than perfect cleaning. We'll see.
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