September 4th, 2007

l'internet est des affaires sérieuses

un message électronique?

Just purchased my (assuming I don't pull a runstaverun) last schoolbook required for my degree. My last class starts tomorrow after lunch. Looking over it, it doesn't seem that bad, but I'm sure I'll be begging jenniever and _yggdrasil for help. Words and even phrases come back to me from the end of the book, and the early third springs back easily like a rekindled old friendship. Only this one was a bit antagonistic and abusive at times. I just have to pass. That's what I keep on telling myself. I just have to pass, and the degree is mine. 11 years later. And boo for MWF classes, as I can never burn the excessive amount of vacation time I have stored up for a three day weekend without missing class.

This morning, mystedraveneyes texted me from EWR as I drove near it and my symbol of home (which I am really happy to commute past daily). I called her back, and we chatted as I drove to Madison until she boarded her flight for Japan.

For years, people have been urging me to watch LOST, insisting that it's perfect for me and full of different aspects or references I'd go nuts for. Over the past few months, thanks to kikibird owning it on DVD, a few of us have been watching the entire run. We just got three episodes into the third season last night (I had to bittorrent the latest season while waiting for it to come out on DVD), and I was really irked last night when Locke built a sweat lodge incorrectly. So much so, I called _yggdrasil on the way home to arrange visiting a real one.

And srsly, no LOST spoilers please. I've been avoiding mentioning that I've been watching it in my journal for fear of vengeful Potter fans pissed off at the whole "Dumbledore uses Rosebud to kill Kaiser Soze, who is really Luke's father (and a replicant)" thing. Knowing I'd watch it all one day, I'd avoided most spoilers, and only knew there were "the others" and a hatch.