June 11th, 2007


Sopranos spoilers

My first introduction with the series was when they filmed at Drew, before the first season even hit the air. The series premiered during my last semester as a traditional student, and I ended up watching it while living with Father Joe after dropping out and moving in with him. At the time I was a college drop out, lacking a job or car, living off of the generosity of a man of the cloth. Started working at Drew as the second season was airing, and I've been a regular viewer ever since. Many people have heard my story about having the finale for every season spoiled for me for years, down to the time I managed to avoid all television and radio after a flat tire stopped me from watching it over aaronkliger's place, just to have the name of who was killed come on the normally pointless and/or broken NJ Transit screens while waiting for my train home to watch it the day after the initial broadcast.

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Regardless, I'm sure there will be plenty of arguments on teh intarwebs over this for a while.
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