May 4th, 2007

Mission Impossible @ The Safe House

Almost done

I am one paper away from being done with my second major, and I've already got a good deal of work done on that paper. ZOMG!

There is something funny about my car breaking down and me being forced to take mass transit the night before I take part in a conference on peak oil and global warming. It is no longer funny, now that I find myself without a car until Monday, on Cinco de Mayo weekend, with various social obligations. It's like I'm being forced to finish my paper and play WoW and catch Pokémon. Well, not really, I just have to limit myself to the city.

I love my guild:
Rusak shouted, "My car won't start, can't get home."
dreaddark shouted, "damnit rusak, set your hearth to your home"
Halcrom shouted, "Use your ruby slippers next time nub lawlz"
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