April 15th, 2007

Rue de Jardin

It's the goddamn apocalypse out there

Two feet of water on the streets of the_boke, and a four alarm fire. What? The heavens continue to pound rain on the city, but there's also burning ash raining from the sky.

The local lumberyard caught fire, people are evacuated, power is cut to the area... poor people standing outside of their apartments in calf-deep water. Looks like a massive oil tank in the basement exploded.

Tried to park my car in a decently high patch of land, but this is nuts. Got back inside, but I can still smell the fire through my closed window, blocks away.

Went to Chiller Theatre with mystedraveneyes yesterday, but we hit all the other areas of the convention before the "big name" signing area, and Robert Beltrand had already jetted. Oh well. Shortly after that I saw J.D. Harmeyer, which was enough of a celebrity sighting to make me happy. We both bought toys, and came across a Harley Quinn Barbie that made her wince. Not as much as the oddly-proportioned and disturbingly glowing Harley Quinn art down the hallway of artists. I'm sure _yggdrasil's head would have exploded.

Blah. Tired of working.
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