April 2nd, 2007


Things done so far while avoiding this take home midterm over the past week

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  • Took out The Curator.
  • Wrote a few letters that will never get sent.
  • Re-organized my RSS feeds.
  • Caught up on a hundred different RSS feeds.
  • Reconfigured my WoW setup.
  • Went out to dinner with Jessie, the 1337ist man in town.
  • Spent a wonderful day in the city and evening in Hoboken with mystedraveneyes.
  • Cleaned up my desktop computer. Monitor, keyboard, mouse, inside the case, everything.
  • Re-read readings for class that have nothing to do with the topics I've selected for the test.
  • Took a day, avoided WoW, yet still avoided the work.
  • Uploaded the photos sitting around in my camera.
  • Looked over the test and put it back in my notebook five times.
  • Finished everything I hadn't seen in my TiVo.
  • Reconnected with a few people online.
  • Wrote this list.
EDIT: While I know it's a repeat, Anthony Bourdain playing cards with a midget on the television, even while wearing headphones and surrounded by class materials, is hard to resist watching.
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