March 1st, 2007


...and I’ve got an idea for this story about a guy who comes to a club...

After people urging me to pick it up for some time, my copy of Blankets arrived today. The last comic I purchased was Someplace Strange, which finding the name of in my LJ almost three years ago led _yggdrasil, qt3_14, and others to recommend it to me. It's sat in my Amazon wishlist ever since, going in and out of my cart a few times when it would have pushed me over the line for free shipping. This past order of a book needed for class, it made the cut.

Happy birthday to madolan - crown empress of the apocalypse, Miss Atomic Bomb 2007, and pusher of good funny picture books.

Today's been a good day for the helpdesk. They've gotten cupcakes, cookies, and flashed by me. But no donuts.
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