November 11th, 2006

Tintin walking to Marlinspike

Pulaski Skyway strikes again

Boo for a blowout in the middle of the Pulaski Skyway on the way back from runstaverun and kikibird's.
Boo for it being impossible to change it, let alone set up flares without them being knocked away, due to the traffic.
Yay for jenniever's grandparents getting me AAA.
Yay for not dying on a narrow twisty two lane highway with people zipping along at seventy or more.
Boo for my BlackBerry dying right after the tow truck arrives, despite charging it today.
Yay for sweet talking the driver into giving me a ride home.
Boo for leaving one of the prizes of my battle with Thurston and the vending machine in my car.
Boo for having to run around and take care of this tomorrow.
Yay for being home.
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