October 25th, 2006

Laughing Man

Free Sirius today/tomorrow

I know a lot of people have moved on to internet radio or enjoy O&A or just torrent Howard, but if you want to hear Sirius today or tomorrow there's a free trial until midnight tomorrow EST. Lots of cool stuff on Howard's channels for the special, and all the other usual stuff.

This weekend runstaverun and I drove up to dosboof and mandy_moon's house for a party, and listened to Stern both ways. Hearing five hours of replays from the prior week, we heard a ton of plugs for the free offer. Some were amusing, most were fairly boring, but the most shameless was to a man in the military. "They're sending you back to Iraq? You gotta get out of that. Don't go! If you do end up over there, make sure you tell all the other guys that they can listen next Wednesday and Thursday online for free."

Speaking of the trip up there, on the way up I had my first steak bomb from a D'Angelo's (which runstaverun had been going on about for years). At the party I met a lot of cool and/or entertaining people (and forgot most of their LJ names by the next morning), got rid of half a dozen pairs of my old shoes, and finally got to meet some people I'd only heard about or knew online. See shaxxon's pictures here. Some excellent beers, foolish shots, and at one point fine liquor shared by dosboof after he had a few. mandy_moon mesmerized a few of us with a Rajini flick that I still need to order. The next morning we joined the gracious hosts for lunch, and then we hit a Timmy Ho's on the way back. Unfortunately, they were out of the fabled fruit explosion muffin that contributes to the grayeplumpsup effort.

Gordon Frohman > John Freeman
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