August 31st, 2006

Solar system LJ drama

Band week

Last week, I wore a RCPM shirt on Monday. Tuesday, running low on laundry, I happened to wear another. A co-worker noticed, and asked if I could wear a shirt every day of the week from a band. mrfantasy and runstaverun overheard the discussion, and I tried to convince them to join in on band shirt week. I almost finished out last week completely, but didn't get my laundry done in time to wear a fifth Peacemakers shirt on Friday.

This week I've worn an Iron Maiden shirt every day. The Death on the Road shirt on Monday, a Give me Ed... shirt with the Piece of Mind cover and all the albums on the back on Tuesday, Give me Ed... ...Till I'm Dead on Wednesday, and a Dance of Death shirt today. runstaverun wore a Less Than Jake shirt on Monday, mrfantasy wore a Marillion shirt on Tuesday (the most prim and proper tour shirt I've seen yet), and blackbytes hasn't worn a single Grateful Dead shirt. Tomorrow we all wear handout shirts, so no bands unless you know some obscure band named Drew Technology.

It's training week. Friday's handout. Good times.

A week ago jenniever and I walked around town a bit. We walked past Madagascar playing on Pier A, a play at Frank Sinatra Park, and a band playing at Church Square Park. It was nice.
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Laughing Man


I'm at the windexcowboy speech at training this week, and he let us know that we can use our devices with GroupWise TODAY!!!111 OMFG!!!!11
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LoserDance, AshleySimpson

MonkeyPiece Theater 2

For the first time in my life, I have a banana too young for my tastes.

And I'm at an event sponsored by The Onion, at the place we saw the film the Turks made. Gotta go. The Onion is buying us free PBRs later.
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